Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have, but I have it.

let her hope,

for it will motivate her to do more,

a better future to look forward to,

less struggle to endure.

let her hope,

for she will want to wake up the next day

a day she’ll look forward to,

but it won’t make her gay.

let her hope,

for how else will she move on?

she’s tried to forget it

but the machine in her chest doesn’t understand.

let her hope,

and watch her achievements shock you

as she takes on the world

do whatever she wants to make it new.

watch her hope

and now she’s passionate,

will do whatever it takes to break down all the gates.

hope made her successful

hope made her powerful

hope made her indifferent and it made her cold

hope made her hard

forget all her scars

but now she can’t remember the sad times

and she can’t remember the good ones either.

you won’t recognise her if you saw her

she sees someone else when she looks in the mirror.

now don’t ask her to live just by hope

hope alone can never make her happy,

hope was a dangerous thing for a woman like her to have, but she had it.

Author: Anousha Ambar

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