Hope you find love again

I do not know if I am sad that you will never be the old you, or that you will never be the old you for me.

Yesterday night I sat on my bed, scrolling through the conversations we used to have a year ago. You were madly in love, and I didn't have any feelings for you back then so I helped you pick a ring you could propose to her with.

Today after more than 2 years of that conversation we are closer than ever, but I know you will never be madly in love with me, no matter how much I try to deny it. But I am not even sure if anyone will ever be in love with me to begin with.

I hope you fall madly in love with someone again, just one last time, even if it isn't me, because the person you were back then - someone chasing a feeling. You were someone who believed in the word “love” and gave meaning to it- and the hope you carried in your eyes always astonished me. I completely adored you for it, as a friend.

But now it is all gone, it's all in the past, and it will be selfish for me to expect anything from you now; so I wish you love, one that is unconditional and as pure as yours, that's all.

Author: Jia Bakshi

Editor: Anousha Ambar

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