How do you know?

I woke up one morning

And asked the sun

How do you know

When the day is done?

How do you know

When to sleep and rise?

Why do you burn yourself up

Just so Life can survive?

I looked at the full moon

One sad, sleepless night

And begged her to tell me

How she always saw the light

How do you know

That the dark will not destroy you?

How can you be sure

That you'll be back after no moons?

I shuddered in the cold wind

And wondered with a sigh

How do you find the courage to be you?

How can you destroy forests

Then help dandelions float home and beyond?

You conquer the ocean

Then rest at a pond

How do you know you're right

In all that you build and break?

Does the burden not bother you?

Is it not too much to take?

Is there such a thing as Destiny?

Have you ever met your Fate?

Do we have any control

In what turn our lives take?

There are things we can't control

Like the wind, the sun and the blessing of death

But from your first cry to your last laugh,

Every moment is ours to carve and let set.

Author: Iffah

Editor: Janki Nair

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