How Selfish



Many people probably could recall thinking of something as bold as that when they were a child. Their parents would spoil them and there was no possible way for them to get in trouble. Even if a child did make a mistake, the most they would get was a laugh before being told that they weren't supposed to do that. But as a child, there were no consequences. Because the world belonged to them, and them only.

Life was happy. If you wished hard enough, you could have everything in the world! Life was easy. If you put enough effort into something, then you could do whatever you wanted! Life was fair. If you were nice to everyone around, then you would be blessed with good luck and amazing fortune. Because perfect people could have perfect lives.

!@*$&)% grew up with parents that would scold them when they did something wrong, and praise them when they did something right. In kindergarten, !@*$&)% would sometimes be at the top of their class, excelling and understanding the simple subjects being taught to a child such as them. And sometimes, !@*$&)% would be at the bottom of the class, having troubles with topics that other students seemed to understand perfectly. It was frustrating, and sometimes !@*$&)% would cry. Sometimes !@*$&)% would throw a fit. After all, no one likes the thought of everyone else being better than them.

And maybe that was the first tumble that would result in crashing.

Growing up is all about learning. Growing up is all about getting more experience. And by sixth grade, !@*$&)% started to experience the more pessimistic part of life.

Friend drama, bad grades and a slightly tainted reputation.

Who would've thought that at sixth grade, kids would already start worrying about how they look, or what they like. It could make anyone feel self-conscious. By why couldn't everyone just look like how they wanted to look and like what they wanted to like?

Adults would always tell !@*$&)% that it wasn't a big deal, after all, they were still growing! They were still living! What silly adults. They act as if they never felt like this when they were younger.

But even if issues like these were small, they felt horrible didn't they?

!@*$&)% started high school. Middle school seemed to be the entrance to Hell, but high school was the capital of it.

Get good grades! Have a good reputation! Fit in! Think about the future! Plan for the future! Act for the future!

Asshole teachers. Narcissistic classmates. Future? What future? Stop telling everyone to think of things like the future, especially since they have their current issues. Think about the present, for God's sake!

Staying up late to do homework. Declining invitations to parties. Getting bad grades. Forgetting last night's homework. Getting embarrassed in front of the whole school. Being the topic of this week's gossip. Dirty looks. Bad mouthing.

And when !@*$&)% finally started to crash down due to the stress, adults would simply tell them, "Why are you so upset? You're just a child, there's nothing to be upset about." But then they wouldn’t hesitate to force more work upon !@*$&)%.

Adults were horrible. They only said things that benefited them, and would switch sides as quickly as they joined them.

!@*$&)% swore that they would never be like those adults. !@*$&)% swore that they would be a good, understanding adult, who would help out others going through a stressful childhood. They would never, ever be as selfish as the adults they grew up with.

But in the end, why did !@*$&)% even have to swear that they'd never be like those selfish adults? The adults shouldn't have even been selfish. They should've already understood the difficulties of childhood, they had to go through it after all. But it was simple. Because in the end, people only care about their own desires. They only care about others when it's beneficial for them.

Life wasn't happy anymore. Even if you wished hard enough, you couldn't have everything that you wanted. Life wasn't easy. Even if you put all your effort into something, then that doesn't mean you would succeed and even if you were nice to everyone in the world, there will always be people who take advantage of that. Perfect people couldn't have perfect lives. There was no such thing as perfect after all.

But who exactly is the nameless protagonist, !@*$&)%?

It's simple.



Author ~ Taylor

Editor ~ Navya Jain

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