How to Change?

“Change is the only constant thing in our lives.”

Yet it is so weird, you get to a point in your mind where you think “I don’t know what to do”, “How do I do this”, etc.

You get so confused and terrified of the uncertainty that will come with change. And honestly, it is not easy to change yourself if you have been living in a particular way for years and you have developed a negative pattern in life.

But to improve your life you need to make changes. You can start with making small changes, because if you keep on making small changes eventually it will become a habitual loop which will help you attain new heights. We also need to embrace the uncertainty that comes with these positive changes, and become uncomfortable for some time.

Apart from the internal changes we have to make in our lives we, being a part of the society, need to make some external changes as well. The interesting fact is that whatever we do has a direct or indirect impact on the world.

Therefore we can do certain things to make everyone’s life better since there are many changes to be made in society.

We need to stop discriminating between black and white. People are not some clothes that we are choosing in a shop!

We need to stop expressing hate towards Asians or any particular race.

We need to improve the climatic conditions before it ruins our planet as well as our life’s climate.

But before making these external changes, you need to look deeper inside yourself and make changes within yourself.

“You must be the change you want to see in others”. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Author: Hirday Lakhwani

Editor: Khushi Luniya

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