How to start a perfect Californian Wild Fire (2020 edition)



Here are the 3 key ingredients to stirring the perfect fire!

1. A dash of 11,000 lightning strikes:

Fire, in some ways, is a very simple thing, as long as stuff is dry enough and there’s a spark, then that stuff will burn; and California’s vegetation spends much of the summer slowly drying out because of a lack of rainfall and warmer temperatures. That vegetation then serves as kindling for fires.

2. One tablespoon of Global Warming:

The Vegetation should be dry, making it more likely to burn.

Global Warming has helped to get temperatures that are about two to three degrees Fahrenheit warmer now than they would’ve been without global warming.

3. Sauté it with The Santa Ana winds:

The Santa Ana winds are responsible to bring, each fall, dry air from the Great Basin area of the West into Southern California.

Secret Ingredient (A sprinkle of Covid-19 Pandemic):

Although it doesn’t aid in fire, it creates a great amount of panic. A wildfire was raging outside, and Covid-19 creating havoc inside evacuation centers.


The nearly 11,000 bolts of lightning that would strike over 72 hours and would ignite around 367 wildfires.

The fires would have burned over 830,000 acres of land, within the first week itself.

Tens of thousands of people would be forced to evacuate from the rural areas of San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties, and many have struggled to find a place to go, especially with the pandemic still limiting indoor gatherings.

The smoke billowing from the wildfires would pollute the air to unhealthy levels, and the scent of smoke would seep into the skies hundreds of miles away, depicting a successful fire has been created

The air quality in several areas around Northern California would grow to dangerous levels this week, marking the air “very unhealthy”, according to the air quality index.

Final Product

Trail of smoke seen at California after the wild fires. The orange dots represent the fires
Trail of Smoke || Source:


Author ~ Karan Agarwal

Editor ~ Suansh Joshi

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