How you are loved

Burning flames of passion and love and lust,

And then there is you.

With your fiery red hair and your dark, muddy brown eyes

Constellations and scars spanning across your face

And I swear to god I've never met someone who listens to the sort of music you do.

Everything is blue for you,

Yet you never cry at Winter.

The summer sun peeks from behind your eyes

And that one tiny dimple on your left cheek fights against your persona.

You laugh with your whole body and it seems as if the earth itself is falling in love with you, Because you can't see how the flowers turn to you when you flutter by,

How the clouds roll over your head in the same direction your curls do,

You don't notice it, but I do, for I love you.

I love you like fire loves its embers

I love you like water loves the sand

I love you like the wind loves the oaks

And I love you like the earth would love if humanity were still human.

There is a dark beauty to you when you giggle about how you wish to burn those at the stake who speak against basic human rights.

There is salvation every time you comfort someone without expecting anything in return, Because you are love itself.

You are love and lust and passion, you are a dream come to life, hence I love you.

Every time I glance into the mirror,

I smile and laugh

Because I love you.

With all the love one could possibly contain in this whole entire universe,

From me to me, I love you.

Writer: Himadri Krishna

Editor: Prachi Saini

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