Hues of Blue

Just as we were entering my bedroom, the cool blue lights touched my face and I felt my wrist brush against yours.

You noticed it but I don’t think you noticed how deeply I was in love with you.

The next thing I knew, I was on my bed lying next to you. I noticed how your face and body were painted in hues of blue. A soft smile was painted on your face; your hair, everywhere, a heap on your head. It was spread all across your forehead. They weren’t straight, but neither was I.

“I like your lights.”, you said. Your smile grew wider.

“Thank you, I picked them out for you.”, I joked.

“Buddy, if you’re trying to woo me, you can just tell me..”

I wish I could woo you. I didn’t want the little gap left between us to be filled with uncomfortable awkwardness.

The lights were shining, they purpled your skin. The air conditioner was humming, I think that made you feel comfortable. Cool air brushed against our skin, our faces weren’t flushed. I think the alcohol had drained from our blood. The euphoria was fading, I realized how close we were, “This is the closest we’ll ever be,” I thought.

The drunken daze was over, you were being you again while I was going back to being madly in love with you.

I stared at the blue of your lips. They were full and fully unattainable.

I loved how we’d always been able to be around each other in comfortable silence. I bet you haven’t noticed that the same silence has become a chain around my throat, choking me, making me uncomfortable.

Suddenly, I looked up and said a joke to make you laugh, to show you that being funny is enough. Your face wrinkled and laughter crinkled. “I love you.”, you said and I said it back. The only difference was you didn’t mean it like that.

Author: Vedant Vaswani

Editor: Hirday Lakhwani

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