Humans, I feel sorry for you

To: The Human Race

I wish I were sorry. I wish I were sorry for I am the originator of a global pandemic. I wish I were sorry. However, I have no understanding of your suffering, I am but a globule of genetic material with a never ending thirst for RNA replication.

I wish I could empathise with the lives I have claimed, for the lungs I have scarred and hysteria I have created but I have no mercy, I have no fear for I have no consciousness.

I wish I could do better, I wish my name were not stained by my cupidity for human lives.

However, I would like to believe that you and I were stitched out of the same cloth. We were marked for destruction. We were created carefully to end ecosystems, claim lives and land and to dictate the life of every other individual.

One striking difference between us is that you are blessed with self- consciousness. You can decide what is right and what is wrong. You can revolutionise and change things for the better.

However, I wish I could feel sorry for you, but I chose violence. I will end you and claim every last alveolus there is until I have eradicated the human race, for I am nature’s very own vaccine to neutralise the human race.

I might be the originator of this global pandemic but you are the propagator. To nature you are the virus and I am the vaccine.


The Originator of this Pandemic.

Author: Vedant Vaswani

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