I don’t miss my father

I don't miss my father.

I don't miss having him around,

I don’t miss him sitting at the kitchen table

Teaching me math at 2 am.

I don't miss my father,

I don't miss having his big hugs,

I don't miss him being proud of me

When in school, I stand first.

I don't miss my father,

I don't miss going on family picnics

I don't feel sad, as I remember the

Dad-daughter days in nursery.

So if I had a confession to make,

I’d say that I don't miss my father

Because you can't really miss something that you've never had.

And maybe,

If we ever get to talk,

I’d tell him that I would've loved him

Had he given me a chance.

Author: Durva Shesh

Editor: Zoyah Virani

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