I Like Where This is Going

Ever had that moment where you could've just told someone the truth and everyone would’ve gone normally, but that one brain cell says I want to see what happens and you decide to see how this could turn out to be humorous?

So I will tell you my devious plot of getting a friend humiliated. So one fine day we were working on a video for the environment day where we both were supposed to speak, and my friend, being the overconfident dimwit he always is, decided to send his part without reviewing it. That video had a lot of problems, his voice was cracking making him sound like Bugs Bunny. The background was filled with inappropriate drawings and noises which were definitely not going to work. But damn, that one brain cell said, “I like where this is going”. So naturally, I put in the video and sent it ahead to be presented in front of the whole school. He was made fun of the whole next year. I guess my decision was good because there is no way I would’ve got this gold by confessing.

Authors: Delisha Sethi and Aadi Bhatia

Editor: Himanshi Dodiya

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