I’m Sorry Father for I have Sinned

As I walked up to the superior church’s stairs, my old, bloody rag left a red line on the ground. I stood on the threshold, looking at what I had done. I walked ahead, to the front of the church and down the aisle like a bride, except there was no one waiting for me at the end. I walked and got a full view of the superior church and saw how much money these rich people had. It should’ve felt empty as there was nobody there who was alive, but somehow it did not; instead it felt like pure justice. Nobody would ever know what happened here or who did it. Well, who could blame me, it was the perfect crime. Even then I had an urge to tell somebody about it. Where better than the confessional? I walked into the confessional, sat down and said “I’m sorry father for I have sinned”.

I continued, “So let me begin with why I did what I did. These snobs had everything made differently for them, as if they did not have it already. I so wished that they helped us instead of just making more things for themselves. I mean they organised a donation drive, but what was the point? They were just going to declare that they did not get any suitable beneficiaries and would keep the money for themselves. My brother needed a doctor urgently but they did not deem him a ‘suitable’ beneficiary. What could be a better reason than my brother having meningitis and him needing urgent medical attention? We waited for a month hoping that the wealthier people would throw us a bone. Instead, they just decided to keep it for themselves and my brother passed away the next week. Do you have any idea how painful it is, letting your brother die? My brother could've survived but he said, “The rich people will help us.” We can see where that got him. So naturally, I put knock out gas in the church when everyone was there, and then slashed each and everyone of their throats individually. DAMN! IT WAS FUN. Well, it’s been fun saying what I have done. Wow Father, you are a bleeder. From this I can take away a core memory and memento. See you in hell then!”

Author: Aadi Bhatia

Editor: Vedant Vaswani

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