I reached for you

you take my hand, twirl me around,

a new home, in your heart I have found.

even with the dizziness from the twirls

I can look in your mesmerizing eyes and tell you that that’s my world.

despite the weariness and my exhausted legs protest, I don’t want to stop moving

with your arms around me, my toes frequently on yours, I don’t want to stop dancing.

hold me close and hold me tight,

hold me like you always want me in your sight.

kiss me here and kiss me there,

if any part was left unkissed, it would be unfair.

keep dancing to the music only we two can hear,

don’t worry about the nightmares and the demons, don’t fear, I’m here.

the rhythm is soft, easy, melodious and ours,

I could sway here with you, like this, for hours.

what’s wrong, my love?

what’s wrong with your hold?

all of the sudden, why do I feel so cold?

why does your voice feel so distant?

why does your breath sound so inconsistent?

I reached for you

but into oblivion my hands flew.

baby, where did you disappear?

you had whispered in my ears that you would always be here...

Author: Riya Pote

Editor: Arushi Dubey

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