I Told You So

Fear, it’s such a prevalent part of our life. Everyone has their own fears, it changes from person to person. It's that one thing that keeps you up at night, that haunts your dreams and follows you everywhere you go. It’s different for everyone, for someone it might be a fear of clowns, with their loud outfits and brightly painted faces and those terrifying red noses. For someone it might be heights, the feeling of being so high up and only being supported by a couple of bricks. It can also be the dark, or the unknown, or the terror you feel when something is out of your control.

But for me, for me it’s a whole different story. My biggest fear, the greatest terror I feel, the fright that consumes me even if i think about it, is dogs. Those little, often not so little creatures. They have everyone tricked with those big brown eyes, and wagging tails, trying to look all cute. But I refuse to let them fool me, I can see through their façade, what’s actually beside that huge slimy tongue of theirs- those sharp, knife like canine teeth that don’t spare anyone. What’s behind those soft paws that you make everyone shake hands with? Their murder mittens, with claws so long it’ll make even falcons envious.

You know I completely understand why in the Boss Baby movie the children got annoyed when the puppies tried to take over the affection of their parents, I mean look how evil they are. Sure, they definitely keep intruders away, but they also do keep me away (wait people might be buying these dogs purposely then huh). When I tell you, nothing invokes my terror more than these so-called ‘furry, friendly man’s best friends’. Let me tell you, they might seem all sweet and kind on the outside, and well behaved, but have you met those German shepherds? And don’t even get me started on those chihuahuas, they look like rats and have the personality of the devil.

Now I really don’t get the hype behind them, they’re so terrifying! Why does no one else see this? They have you all fooled, trust me, and then one day when they take over the world like just they were about to in Boss Baby (but luckily got saved by some 2 year olds, who are smarter than all of you combined, by the looks of it), when that day comes, boy am I going to yell ‘ I told you so’ off the rooftops with a large bullhorn so everyone can hear it.

Author ~ Adwita Chaure

Editor: Aastha Mahajan

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