I Wish

I wish people stop judging me,

For who I am and who I want to be.

They think twice before using me like a tool,

For I am not an afraid and suppressed fool.

They treat me right and don’t withhold what I deserve,

For I am no longer by their threats unnerved.

I wish that imbibing reverence for a woman is made a custom,

I wish to be untied from this shallow society, I wish for freedom!

I wish these folks understood my situation,

For I am a victim of colossal discrimination.

They impasse their display of racism,

For I refuse to be silenced and hit rock bottom.

They grant me my liberties and rights,

For, much like them, it is my birthright.

I wish slogans a reality in the near future become,

I wish black lives do matter, I wish for freedom!

I wish the populace accepts me,

Even though I belong to the ‘rainbow community’.

They empower me to learn and pursue my vocation,

Even though in their eyes I might be a ‘mutation’.

They concede my right basic and fundamentals,

Even though when it comes to love my heart is ‘fickle’.

I wish Article 377 becomes a worldwide obiter dictum,

I wish to be regarded with equity, I wish for freedom!

I wish that this community welcomes me,

Although I am of a different nationality.

They proffer me a shelter and the basic necessities,

Although in their opinion, I hail from the ‘land of mutinies’.

They display compassion, goodwill and empathize,

Although I am another country’s member disenfranchised.

I wish for refugees no longer to be dubbed as the problem,

I wish for a new and better life, I wish for freedom!

I wish that the masses comprehend my pain,

For I have been enchained, maimed and restrained.

They unravel that this issue is not facetious,

For it breaks the innocent, this matter is odious.

They take to the streets to express their dissent,

For I am no longer willing to sit back and lament.

I wish the patsies of abuses no more need succumb,

I wish to feel protected and safe, I wish for freedom!

We all wish to be unshackled,

From the chain-like vices that grip our society.

We all desire to be respected,

No matter what be our identity.

We all crave to be treated as equals,

For we were never created as disparate mortals.

We all yearn for that solitary opportunity,

To be heard and just break free!

Writer: VR Kapse

Editor: Shreya Paul

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