I wish

Updated: May 31

How I wish we had more time,

We had more moments in our hands

Those years were never enough,

The passing years weren’t enough for me to move on from you,

That disease took something so precious from me

But how I wish I knew what you’d do when you came of age.

I wish we didn’t end it,

I wish we would have met at one point in our lives,

Hoping to see each other and just be in each other’s arms

I wish I could have stayed with you,

Because I know I wouldn’t let go

Now I have to, or I won’t be able to move on from you.

I wish to slap some sense into you,

For doing all that stuff

But I guess it’s important

So I can move from my childishness

From my teenage years

To something else, possibly more tough

But maybe a little bit more beautiful

But how I wish you'd be there through all of it.

Author: Avik Saini

Editor: Nathania Do Rego

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