If you care, then live

"Look, I know this doesn’t make up for anything, but… I did it for you. So you’d be safe. Because I… care about you. A lot."

Tears pricked my eyes as I listened to that recording again. And again, and again.

It has been a month since he did that. A month since I had last seen his face. A month has passed since I heard him say something other than that.

I was mad at him. I thought he would bring me roses and make it up to me. But all I get is this message at 3 am, and then nothing. No message. Nothing. I didn't know that there was danger lurking. He gave himself up, to save me. How stupid of him to do that.

Why? I am not that precious. I am not that important. My life isn't more important than his. And I don't even know what the danger was. At least explain. What am I supposed to make out of that message?

If you care for someone. Then don't die for them, live for them. Why is it so hard to understand?

You had a confession a month ago, let me confess now. It wasn’t just you, I was falling for you too. I love you. I always will. I wish you would have lived.

We could have found a solution together.

I miss you. And I miss you so dearly. I still bring you your favourite flowers. I still grow your plants. They are still living, keeping your memory. I don't wish to live with regret. I want you to have a good memory. It might take some time, but I will get there.

But really. If you care for someone. Then, please, just live. Live for them. Live for that future. Live for their happiness. If you can die for someone, then don't. Living takes more courage. Prove yourself. This is a request from someone who lost their someone.

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: Charu Sabharwal

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