Imagining colours in the shades of grey-

Purple and Pink streaked across the cotton candied skies,

As the Blue struggles to be seen,

The clouds seem to tinkle with barely concealed laughter as they look upon the silly colours fighting for the spotlight.

Golden seems to be at peace, twinkling here and there,

Between the barely visible stars.

Silver is too in love with the moon to notice anyone around her,

And the Moon is too busy twirling for her attention, to pay heed to the slinking colours.

Green looks up at them with envy; she too wants to join in on the fun.

Brown seems to giggle at her antics and shows her that she can be as content down here.

Turquoise is always fighting with Blue to show him who's the prettier one,

But blue just chuckles at her.

Red is everywhere and nowhere. She's in love with Black and can't wait for night to fall.

She knows Black will envelope everything and everyone with him; Black is quite intimidating to the rest and doesn't quite want to ruin others fun,

Good for him Red likes to be enveloped.

Orange can't stay out late, so they decide to flutter away much to the chagrin of Yellow.

All around them there is love and joy, and sheer happiness.

They dance and prance and show off their shades,

And the little girl looking from below,

Her hair tangled between Brown and Green,

Her eyes shining with a longing unknown,

She looks upon the sight and wishes for the last time,

Oh how her life would be, if only she could see the colours.

Author: Himadri Krishna

Editor: Vyomini Kapse

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