Importance of Self Love


Self love is the most important thing which is lacking in today's generation. People always tend to forget that they have a voice for themselves in this society.

Today, people give importance to others’ opinions which don't even let them choose themselves, and eventually they lose their self respect and self worth which leads to demotivating themselves.

When people suddenly stop receiving the same love, care, comfort, motivation and appreciation from the ones who used to give them that, then they start giving up on themselves, they start believing that they are losers and cannot achieve anything in life.

We always love and give importance to others rather than ourselves, why so?

It's our duty to love and prioritize ourselves the most. Irrespective of people believing in us or not, we have to become our own strength in both the easy and the difficult times, when nobody is there to guide and support us. It's our own responsibility to lift ourselves up and move ahead in life and keep loving ourselves. When we begin to love ourselves, things will definitely fall into the right place.

It's necessary to be confident and love ourselves even with all the flaws within us, and irrespective of our complexion or the way we look. Life will be easy if everyone enjoys fitting into their own beautiful skin and make self love their biggest secret behind being successful in life. Loving yourself is as important as respecting yourself and having your own self worth. You have to accept yourself the way you are, that's when the society will start loving you.


Author: Khushi Shah

Editor: Eeshpal

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