In Another Life

If she was still her

With bright eyes gleaming

And heart beating with hope

She’d feel

She’d be silent no more

But she’s gone

Her heart, now shattered into pieces

Unfixable and unrhythmic

A smile that once lit up the sky

Is now cloudy and yet to be seen

Her old self still escapes sometimes

Trying to free itself from the demons

Hesitant to open her arms for anyone

With chain of distrust’s grasp

Letting no one see her bleeding heart

But only if she wasn’t her anymore

Demons wouldn’t care,

Monsters would leave

Inside her now cold heart

Still lies her true self

The perfect, but naive beating

Maybe in life another

Oblivious to her pain I wouldn’t be

Her day to day duels existed no more

But the demons had left scars

if she was still her

Maybe in another life

I would make her stay

Author: Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Diya Chakrobarty

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