In the shadows. Always.

I saw you with her.

Your arms clutching her tight to your chest, under the rain. The little droplets softly caressing her face as tears cascaded down mine. Your warmth shielding her from the glacial temperatures as I embraced the arctic winter like an old friend. Where the wind was blowing through her thick hair, making her look like an angel with a halo giving her an ethereal glow; it tossed my baggy clothes this way and that, ruffled the unkempt and tangled strands of my hair even more so. The streetlights highlighted her sharp, but delicate and mellow features as you kissed her, both your bodies melding together like chocolate and strawberries. The two of you basked in the limelight, so caught up in each other’s love as if you two were the only ones in the hypothetical room. It was like a movie, you both were ‘that couple’- the ones fated to be together, right from the start.

Only- my fuzzy head can’t wrap around why you decided to drag me in the middle? Why did you make me fall in love with you; if you were only going to leave me in the shadows? If what you wanted was to hold only her, when everybody was watching? If it was and would never be me, why did you think it to be alright when you told me in the dark how much you loved me, how you would never leave me, how we would- You gave me so many dreams, yet in the end, that’s what they turned out to be- dreams.

The mocking smile stretching my lips wants to shout out to the world that they were wrong. People can fall out of love. You taught me that. After all, just like my dreams, that myth is and will only ever be but a lie.

Author: Saptaparna Chakraborty

Editor: Charmee Purohit

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