Inside Disney

Well, I’m almost 18 now!

And I’m tired of covering this up!

Why you might ask?

Let’s just bippity boppity go!

You need not on losing the glass slipper dwell,

Or on the clock striking twelve,

You must have courage and be kind,

For these are the qualities Cinderella teaches us to keep in mind.

You need not to the rose pay heed,

Which loses petals and sows doom's seed,

You must never by the cover judge a book,

For Bella reminds us to in the heart look.

You need not have a face as white as snow,

And to a wicked queen bow,

You must treat equally the big and the small,

For Snow White highlights that we must respect all.

You need not on the spinning wheel ponder,

About pricking your finger and into a death-like-sleep wander,

You must know that into good can evil turn,

As in Aurora's difficulty did love in Maleficent's heart spurn.

Someone cruel may take away your voice,

But like Ariel you must against the odds rise,

One may treat you like a prize to be won,

But like Jasmine you must from your life those people shun.

You may be denied to be a part of the fight,

If so, like Mulan you must pursue the path right,

Some people may try to shatter your dreams,

If so, like Tiana you must with a passion anew teem.

Let no man tell you what you must do,

Like Pocahontas may Nature guide you,

Do not let yourself be traded away for land or power,

Like Merida, embrace the bow and arrow- your power.

They may label you as a threat or naïve,

But like Elsa and Anna you must face them with a heart brave,

They may try to hold you back,

But like Rapunzel you must follow your dreams and not look back.

So all I am trying to say is,

The world of Disney is more than it seems.

Disney is about love, compassion and family,

That is precisely why we will all never be too old for Disney!

Author: VR Kapse

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