When we think of colours, there are many shades.What will happen if we mix all the colors together? The result is supposed to be black. What I learnt from this note is that each and every shade of a colour ends up being black, which states that it is full of calmness, boldness, fierceness, love, friendliness, etc.

Living in the 21st century, everyone deserves to be treated equally, no matter what caste, colour, sex or religion they belong to. Along the lines of the same thought, there should be no domination of any colour- black or white; religion- Hindu or Muslim; or place of birth.

I would also request to not give names to a person on the basis of their colour, it’s very disrespectful and to stop judging them on the basis of their caste, it’s very insensitive.

Just think about it, doing all these unacceptable things will not lead to world peace, it will have ugly consequences- wars, revolts, groupism, people dividing themselves and more. Also, this will be very harmful for our upcoming generation- their mindset and the way they will behave with each other. In the end, there will be tremendous loss and injustice towards everyone. In light of the current events, there is only one question that comes up in my mind:


Author: Nidhi Gundecha

Editor: Nitya Binu

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