It all started with a project, remember?

My life started with Storge, the love that my parents gave me; when they embraced me with every feeling of pride and adoration; when their protection wrapped around me like a warm blanket on a cold winter night.

Next, I felt the feelings that came with Ludus and Philia. Somewhere along the way, I learned what Agape was. Deep friendship and love as playful as puppies were what I felt when I began to make friends. Feelings of acceptance and love towards everyone began to grow in me as adolescence caught hold of me.

While I felt love everywhere and for everyone, I somehow lost the Philautia I always held for myself. Then, as I eased into my teenage years, it returned. My love for myself was once again reignited.

Amidst all this, I met you. The one with whom, although I didn't know then, I would share Pragma and Eros.

In a few years, you would become my one and only; the one whom I would love unconditionally. My person.

I never realized, even as you made me laugh about the most mundane subjects, that our love would withstand so much and would be the long-lasting kind. I suppose I always knew that we would have a passion like no other. You, with your devilish charm, and me with, well, my ability to see right into your soul.

I think.

The moment I first saw you, I had admittedly signed you off as one of the popular jock-type of guys. Then, you approached me, time after time. I still wonder how you never got demotivated or derailed by my utter lack of interest. I cannot be more thankful that you didn't.

It all started with a project, remember? You wanted help and I was free that weekend. So, we met up at your favourite Starbucks. You had ordered a Mocha, I had ordered a muffin and an Espresso. Then another.

We got to work, we made notes, underlined the important points, and highlighted the very important points; although the highlighting might just have been me. We made some more notes which may or may not have been me. Then you, and I cannot believe you did that, even now, but you- you spilled the chocolate syrup down my shirt! On purpose! Just because you realized that you losing the debate was inevitable. What a sore loser you were! Now, however, after losing to me for so many years, I must say, you have changed. Not.

Anyway, I can recall the stupid and lame jokes you cracked while I glared at you like the freaking sun who didn't get a good night's rest! You wanted to make it up to me so you asked me on a date. I don't know how you thought that would make it up to me, but you looked so pitiful that I agreed. Okay, so you looked a lot cuter than you looked pitiful but details, details... no one cares.

In any case, after that oh, very successful date, you became a whole lot friendlier to me than you were earlier. And no, there was no- bodily- inter.... course. Just clarifying for my darling readers whose minds are permanently lodged in the gutter.

Soon, date after date passed. We saved our evenings, afternoons, and mornings just for each other. Dinners were special and breakfast, as well as lunch, came to be casual. It became natural for us to wait in our cafe for each other. I never realized when it became our cafe. Do you remember that one time when I didn't come to meet you? And you got so worried? I found nearly 30 or more missed calls and a lot more messages; I had completely forgotten to tell you that I was sick. As soon as you heard, you rushed over to my house to spend the whole night with me.

I won't forget these little moments, the sweet memories we shared.

Thus far, according to the ancient Greeks, I had lived and cherished every realm of love. Storge,

Ludus, Philia, Agape, Philautia, Pragma and Eros. Perhaps, along the way, I may have missed a few, that the ancients left unknown, but I do know that the realms I did get to experience were blessings. Every person along the way helped me in some way, every event somehow benefited me, and every action built and bettered me in its own fashion. It was truly a blessing in disguise.

Not everyone experiences these Realms of Love. But I did, and all of them too. So, for that, whichever entity is out there, thank you.

Author: Saptaparna Chakroborty

Editor: Amrita Pillai

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