It’s not real

When the word, or two words, filmy tales come to mind, I immediately think of exaggerated love stories, and stories where people are either too friendly or too violent. A while back, one of my friends complained to me about a show being too unrealistic for her to watch, which made me wonder, are films supposed to be realistic?

For me, films are a way of entertainment and relaxation. I watch a movie for a break from reality, not to watch what’s happening in real life there too. Watching unrealistic thrillers gives me adrenalin, stupidness makes me laugh, and sappy love stories are endearing to me.

Filmy tales might be silly and not show reality, but for me they are an escape and I love them. After a long day of studying, a movie will help me wind down. So here are some of my favorite movies(not in any particular order) that I have rewatched many times and will watch again given a chance-

  1. The devil wears Prada

  2. Ocean’s 8

  3. Pirates of the Caribbean -Dead Man's Chest

  4. Legally Blonde

  5. Confessions of a shopaholic

  6. The parent trap

  7. Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani

  8. Now you see me

  9. The princess diaries 2

  10. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

And every single SRK movie of the nineties. These might be cliche or outlandish, but I would recommend these movies to everyone for a lift in their mood during a much needed break.

Author: Anousha Ambar

Editor: Himanshi Dodiya

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