It's not you, it’s ME


It's not you, it’s ME

(the non-toxic version)

“Single? But all my friends are in a relationship”

“17? So Base 3 or Base 4?”

Running from to girl to girl,

Jumping from guy to guy

Through the years, never bothered to ask “Why?”

Is it a relationship or just a ‘thing’?

Are we friends with benefits or is it ‘complicated’?

Are we math geeks or gym freaks;

The Instagram duo or the low-key lovers?

In this race to be part of a two,

We forgot to be a complete One.

So for once, my true self I’ll unmask

Completing that manuscript will be the next task

Throw the book and catch the ball

Gotta follow that manga coming out this fall.

Can’t wait around for this, ‘The One’ anymore

Rather grab a bite with Fatty next door.

Alone isn’t lonely.

So take these pungent thoughts off the shelf

It doesn’t take a Justin Bieber to say-

Darling you should go and love yourself.


Author: Anushka Bamnikar

Editor: Manas Mehta

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