It starts with a Napalm

Walking on the road, and boom drops a napalm!

Crowds confused, my mind telling me to stay calm

Is this turning into Vietnam?

My eyes are burning like I have applied some balm.

Everyone is becoming irrelevant like a floppy disk,

This is like some huge bisque

Is this place going to turn into some kind of obelisk?

The police come here to frisk,

Sirens wailing in the background like we are at risk

It feels like the whole world has taken a zisk.

Utter chaos wherever we go

Is this some kind of an embargo?

Bodies stacked up like cargo

People waiting to be called, like a game of bingo,

Everyone and everything I had to forgo

The cause was a bunch of prodigal jingoes.

I closed my eyes and said,

“It’s time to be afraid.”

You were caught completely candid

All this happened in the blink of an eyelid.

Devastating were the streets lying ahead,

There was no one to aid

No tears left to shed

It's time for you to join the dead.

Author: Arindam Joshi

Editor: Charu Sabharwal

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