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Trigger Warning: This post deals with sensitive topics with suggestions of abuse and self-harm. If you are sensitive or are triggered by such content, please proceed with caution. If you are a victim of such acts, remember you are not alone as there are whole fleets of supporters and similar people with you.

The mind is a wonderful thing. It can create, it can calculate, it can think of thoughts which may make you want to meditate and even solve chemistry equations including phosphate. Sorry, I sometimes rhyme without break, longer than you can anticipate.

Okay, I’ll stop…even though it is too late.

OKAY OKAY, I’m done!!

There is one thing about the mind which intrigues a lot of us, which is the power to feel and express emotions. Emotions are powerful communication tools. The word itself can mean many things. The common conception of it are the emotions we feel, like happiness, sadness, anger, contentment, pleasure, depression, and others. It can also mean passion in a sense, for example when that extremely artistic dancer who shows you how to do interpretive dance says, “Put more emotion into those moves!!” One more interpretation of it can also be empathy as people see emotion as a sort of window to a person’s heart and inner personality. A person crying at a death can be seen as empathetic while someone laughing at one…let’s call them maniacs because that is what they are.

The one thing about emotions is that we do not understand them and yet we completely understand them at the same time. We unconsciously take note of the behaviour of people and then draw conclusions.

“Did you see Neha? She looks like she is under stress.”

“Arnav is at it again, depressed about school and studies.”

“Yeah, Princey went through another break-up. I’m pretty sure she’s sad and mopey in her room.”

I am sure you have misjudged someone’s feelings at some point, they may feel some way, but they feel another way instead. There is nothing wrong with assuming someone’s current mood but sometimes, judging every scenario with the same concrete stereotype over that person can be messy.

This is a small contributor to why sometimes parents or guardians of yours do not understand the hardships some of us face. They assume that the child is being dramatic or will most likely move on from their funk. It is a cause for negligence which turns us into the depressed teens we are right now.


I think emotion and mentality has been given a very poor image in our country. Country, not culture. Fun fact, the Vedas do mention cures and preventative measures for many disorders such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, psychosis, and such. All of it is situated in bodily well being and forming a calm mental image through yoga and breathing techniques. Then why the stigma against emotion? It is proven that parents sometimes follow the styles used on them when they were kids. Their emotions were rejected as well, they never opened up or were asked to vent or spill. They saw this parenting style and then thought it was normal, hence using the same style on us. Not all of us thankfully, some parents know how to be parents.

The reason I have taken these few precious moments from your life without your permission is so I can be evil. Muahahahahaha.

I’m joking, I’m joking.

The reason I talked about this is because I want to make sure the readers are all doing fine. These are tough times, and it will not be easy for any of us from now on. Just know that we here at Ecritture have passionate young individuals who will take you to a land of fiction and essays such as this to keep all of you occupied.

Umm…yeah now go read another piece, because there are so many better ones, I promise you.

Author: Aditya Iyengar

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