Life’s Eternal Revolution

Author: Ashutosh Sharma


In due course of pursuing the eternal

Writing a new chapter in life's journal

Rising above challenges; as needed

the beginning of being nocturnal

O Land, Sky and Sea! Do hear!

In difficult times, a roar and cheer

words of valour; for a true revolutionary

Fears nothing but fear

Minuscule chances, imploring traction

Sail the light, undergo divine diffraction

The time has come; go transform

doubt to reason, fear to action

Tales of courage shall be masoned

brazen scourges shall be shakened

amidst agitation, tearing through turmoil

a new hope shall be awakened

Blending thy spirits with the nation

The Greatest dharma is whose devotion

the soul that sustains, renews mankind

Revolution! Revolution!

Revolution! Revolution!


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