Little Things


A part of being human is

facing a constant crisis of


I often feel inadequate.

Wonder who I truly am.

Wonder about my very human self,

all the quirks & imperfections,

whether they make sense,

whether I make sense.

What am I made of?

Probably lots of naked Nutella waffles.

And lemonade.

Mushroom cheese caps. CHEESE.

Nerd? Geek? Loner? Maybe

an uneven combination.

A bit of "All the bright

places." Archie comics.

The Hardy Boys. Matilda.

Batman. Amanda Hocking.

Do you realize that we are

so invested in the big

picture that we forget

about the little things that

matter? Little things that

make you 'you.'

Little things that make me 'me.'

Long baths. The color pink.

Pajamas. Love for the rains

and thunderstorms. Yellow

balloons. My bed.

Egg bhurji. Meg Cabot's Airhead.

'Modern Family.' My bookshelf.

I often fall into bottomless

dark pits; I'd understand if

you do too.

Little things keep me

hanging. Things that keep

- Arushi Dubey.


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