Little things we love

Mama’s kadi chaawal and naani’s achar, Ramu kaaka’s chai tapri or perhaps that favourite eatery- aren't these the little things that always manage to make you smile?

Well, love for the little things is what personifies us. Love for those dazzling fairy lights, love for the diverse festivals and of course, unconditional attachment towards those very pretty lehengas...

The love for chai and gup-shup, bonds with coffee and chocolate. Those Chandni-Chowk visits that always draw you towards the exuberance of its shops. Those tempting chaat counters or those baazars that sell baandhani dupattas, coloured bangles and silver jhumkas.

Being melodramatic on those pleasing rainy days, yearning for hot cocoa and tuning to ‘Prateek Kuhad unplugged’. The subtle warmth of the sun as it gently glances through the branches of those tall, green trees. The love for the fragrance of the wet earth as the wind gently caresses you.

Those traditional Indian weddings that were meant to assert dominance over your younger cousins. Flaunting those gorgeous outfits, getting that eyeliner right (for once), awkward mehendi poses and those occasional love stories that often ended with ‘kho gaye ham kahan’.

These are little things that never fail to remind us of the one thing that we are in continuous search of- love. Love is where the heart lies. Love is where the memories thrive. Well, Love is precisely what makes us feel at home.

Author: Amrita Pillai

Editor: Samaga Srivatsa

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