Lost and Found

I have wandered

These lonely streets,

I have meandered

These dark seas,

Wondering where

I truly did belong

Pondering over when,

I would groove to that love song.

I have knocked,

On every emotionless door

I have asked,

These shallow eyes for more,

For I always knew

What I did deserve

But never knew,

Where a seat for me was forever reserved.

I have cried and wept,

For the now strangers,

I have my heart broken,

For my now paradoxically blank canvas

But as I am now resigned

In this distant ghost town,

A thought clouds my mind,

And it truly does with my feelings resound.

All that I ever wanted,

All that I ever needed,

All that I ever desired,

All that fuels my heart’s fire,

Was always there for me to confide,

Was always there by my side,

Was always there to guide me right,

Was always there to hold me tight.

And now as I head back,

To a place I have forever known,

I hope you do not hold back

And accept me for the one I have into grown,

For you are my unique celestial being,

And my love for you knows no bounds

So let us a new chapter together begin,

For I was lost, but with you I am found.

Author: VR Kapse

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