Lost in the Reel of Real

I could lose weight,

I could have a sharper nose

Maybe I could get a couple surgeries,

To look better, prettier than I did before.

I could fake smiles,

I could give up all my privacy,

For that one golden chance,

To be on the silver screen.

It's magical to hear,

The applause and the praise

To have the spotlight on you,

And for everyone to fall in love with your face.

It's enthralling,

Like a permanent adrenaline rush

To be someone new everyday,

To pretend to be whole even if inside, you’re crushed.

It’s exhausting,

To cry and laugh and shout on command,

To act like life’s all perfect,

With lavish mansions but empty halls.

And down the line,

You give up on everything

Things like friends, relationships and love

End up being just publicity stunts.

It's ironically tragic,

How once you start acting,

You forget who you are;

And to stop pretending when no one's watching.

Author: Durva Shesh

Editor: Saptaparna Chakraborty

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