Love, a necessity


When you hear the word “love”, tell me what you first think of; your family, your friends, your partner or maybe even an inanimate object. Love, while being a powerful emotion can be a very vague word, if you don't have pre-acquired knowledge on the specification one refers to.

We all possess the beautiful gift of being able to give and receive love which is an integral part of our lives.

Many psychologists believe depression to be an almost inevitable result where lack of love is concerned. Which brings me to my next question.

Can you, dear reader, name a minimum of seven people who you love selflessly? I’m sure you can come up with a lot more, but I find something strangely comforting about the number seven. If you look closely at these seven people in your life, while being of paramount importance to you, they are likely to share varied relations with you.

This diversification of your love is the most necessary aspect of our emotions. We all need this contrast of love mainly to cater to our different sentiments. For most of us, we connect certain emotions with a certain set of people or with a certain person. To understand what I mean, imagine these particular scenarios to be happening presently and reflexively name the first person that comes to your mind.

First, you just realize you’ve aced an examination by a considerable margin.

Second, you just discovered a brand new Netflix series and while watching it, realize it’s the best show you’re ever seen.

Third, you feel gloomy for no specific reason and are desperately in need to feel good about yourself.

Now this may not be accurate for all of you, but I can guarantee a majority of you thought of these relations in order;

Parents, friend, partner (or best friend).

When you look at these scenarios you may feel that my statements are extremely obvious and that everyone is most likely to produce these answers, and that’s exactly the point.

Most of us are wired similarly and are instinctively inclined towards certain prospects subconsciously. This is love.

Love is something you cannot fully explain or grasp until you just naturally feel it. It is a vital part of our existence and we need to value it . Although I still haven’t shone light on our love for activities or objects, this love is just as important. We have to realize love doesn’t necessarily mean the cheesy type , it refers to the kind that gives you joy by the mere thought of it.

We need to love selflessly in order to experience true bliss. How about we leave with a little homework?

Task 1: In the next week, tell these top seven people you love them.

Task 2: Pick up a long lost hobby or just any hobby you enjoy and actively do it for thirty minutes straight without any distractions.

Task 3: And lastly and mainly don't forget to love yourself You deserve love as much as anyone else!


Author ~ Sia

Editor ~ Nandani Patil

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