love yourself


To you, from me

I know how you wonder in your mind,

Thinking about the things that you cannot control.

I know how impossible surviving seems,

As teardrops fall down your rosy cheeks like autumn leaves.

I know how much of yourself you sacrifice to make people stay,

Even when they don’t remember your name the next day,

And I know how hard you try to make everyone’s life bright,

Even as you stand alone in the dark, so far away from the light,

So, I want you to listen to the words that I say

And tattoo them on your mind, even though they look like the difficult way,

You are enough,

You deserve your own love

You are a force of nature,

You are a powerful creature

You do not need someone else to survive,

You were born with a resilient spirit which keeps you alive.


Author: Ananyaa Mihir

Editor: Abeer Tiwari

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