Loving Life’s Little Things


Love isn’t always a person,

not binding to a person you kiss.

’tis an emotion, void of complication,

that can imbue one with bliss.

“I love the earthy smell of the rain”,

“I love this crispy chicken burger”.

It is the facile little things, that are so plain,

which fill our heart with this everlasting elixir.

Food, writing, poetry or art,

sufficient to monopolize your heart.

Football, a pet or Prateek Kuhad unplugged,

will easily make it to your list of beloved.

A person's love may captivate your attention,

but does it come without intrication?

Even so, the purest emotion that lady love brings,

is adoring the candour of the little things.


Author ~ Ishaan Punjabi

Editor ~ Zoyah Virani

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