Lunch Break

I took a deep breath and tightly held my friend’s hand. This was not the end of the world. Countless other people have done this before me. I am just going to confess to my best friend of three years that I love him, as more than just friends. As we turned the corner, I saw him standing with three-four other people. I turned to my best friend and nodded once, and then stepped forward and called his name.

My friend was tightly holding my hand as we rushed towards our class. None of us wanted to say anything. I rushed to my chair in the class and turned forward as the teacher started the class. There was nothing I could say to anyone right now that could sum up how I was feeling. After five minutes, I turned towards my friend and broke into a small smile. She immediately started smirking and gave me the thumbs-up sign It had gone perfectly, better than I could have ever imagined.

Author: Anousha Ambar

Editor: Himanshi Dodiya

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