Mania Musicale

A dimly-lit, fancy restaurant. One where the waiters hold their trays high and close to their heads as if it were easy to do. The entire place has a golden, posh sheen to it. The atmosphere is comfy, the menus are leather bound and the glasses are elegant, just like the cutlery. The table-cloth on the round tables is a deep, rich maroon with a longer white one visible underneath.

As in most elite restaurants, the chattering of people was like white noise; low, soft and blending with the background. But here, it was also like a near-empty canvas for the Jazz band to paint on.

In fact, all you really needed for you to be in the restaurant was the music.

I know this because I was sitting in a chair out on the balcony, with a hot cup of tea and my headphones playing My Little Brown Book by Duke Ellington. At the same time I was lavishly dressed in the same restaurant with pearl jewelry and a glass of juice in my hand, sipping and looking at the menu as I debated between a lovely lobster and a buttered crab.

All you really need is music.

Magic is thought to be a man levitating, a card disappearing, or wands and spells and potions and fairies and pumpkins turning into carriages and whatnot. Obviously, magic is perceived as something out of the ordinary. Magic, if it exists, is not normal.

But it is normal, isn’t it? I think magic exists in the things surrounding us. People think magic is beyond science, I think magic is, in a way, science. I see magic in things that fascinate me and move me, and for me music is one of the most powerful forms of magic there is. Something as flawed as a human can create something so perfect and enriching as music. Isn’t that magical?

We can console and inspire with music. We can love and laugh with it. We have all kinds of memories attached to so many tunes. Music has connected so many of us. A single song can mean a thousand different things to a thousand different people.

There are so many beautiful things about music, I could never finish the list.

My connection with music is very hard to explain in words...or in music. In actuality, I don't even know exactly how deeply I am infused with it. Emotions cannot be stopped or ignited at will, but music has the power to do that. It is escape, it is healing, it is company and revelations. It is one of the things that made me. Music is magical and beautiful. The kind of effect it has on me makes me sure that it is an ingredient of my soul.

And I am ever thankful for its existence.

Author: Iffah

Editor: Aryaa Shah

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