May my stars go to Hell

Head filled with melodies,

Colours, scenes and memories,

And here I am, a witness;

Nothing more or less than this

But oh how I hope for more!

To be more than my dreams before,

To fly to the sky and never come down

To swim in the sea and never drown.

To not just see, but feel, and be

To not just stand, instead dance freely;

To lose myself in the beauty of the world

To float like the trills of a pianist,

To shine like the smile of a dolphin

To be one with the madness,

Ofcourse, easier written than done.

But nothing of value is easy

So may my stars go to Hell and burn brighter than they did in Heaven!

My Destiny is mine,

And I will make of it whatever I please!

Author: Iffah

Editor: Srushti Saware

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