“Me-time”, a word which has been uttered multiple times nowadays has a significant impact on the growth of a person. Recently, I had put up a poll on twitter, asking people to choose between mornings and nights. As expected, most of them picked nights. This precious Me-time is usually scheduled at night by young adults. In this time period, the person usually dwells on all the thoughts which have crossed the mind during the day. This can be explained better with the help of an example, Mr. Javed Akhtar gave during one of his speeches. A herdsman takes his cattle to the lush green pastures to graze. All the hungry cows, goats and buffaloes ingested all the grass they possibly could and followed the shepherd back to their shade before nightfall. At night, when all the work was done the cows started chewing. The clever cows did this in their me-time. Similarly, we live in an ever-changing world nowadays. Numerous new things are happening around us, we don’t get enough time to sleep on them and think about them before taking actions. Hence, this me-time is as precious as Gollum’s ring. It offers you the time to dwell on the quick happenings throughout the day and prepare a strategy to react to them, so that you give an effective response. Take an escape route leading away from all the other thoughts. Focus on yourself and the decisions you have to make. It is also the perfect time to step away from your existing responsibilities. It is said that it takes 21 continuous days for a habit to form. Let’s try having a me-time for 21 days and see how the graph of personal growth climbs uphill!


Author ~ Pranoti Abhyankar Editor ~ Sai Reddy

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