Mercury Retrograde

Dear Mercury Retrograde,

What should I say? THANK YOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE. Every 3-4 months you decide that it would be a great idea to move backwards and take lives with you. This isn’t a joke now. My Gemini Sun is quite tired of this. Because since you rule over Gemini, my sun isn’t really able to take it. I hope you go direct soon. And then when my life finally makes sense for 3 months, then you start to disturb it again. I have so much anger towards you that it is unexplainable.

But then again, you aren’t all bad. Yes, you made me cry, but you also have given me some meanings. Some answers, and some explanations. I needed that. But I will appreciate it if you keep moving the way you do, it will be a good thing.


An astrologer

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: Ananya Chaure

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