Circle of Life

What is the picture you ask? Just a merry go round! Well yes, it just spins round and round just like human emotion, situations, people and everything else. Well, it also looks calm and peaceful, still in a children’s park but when we come to think of it, the spinning of a merry go round can show direction in life, if we come to think of ourselves.

Speaking of spinning on a merry go round, events of life are also so similar - we start alone then meet people then some we create our gang and then we meet a special, crazy person with whom we experience love, happiness, jealousy, insecurities, etc. Also, that can lead us in two ways- either one will stay or one will leave.

If one leaves, we are often sad, trying to get over the loss, then when we finally succeed, we choose to go back to place where we are respected and loved like being among family and friends. There are chances that the merry go round of our lives might repeat.

If life spins monotonously, having no start or end, there are rare chances where we might land at same place as before where we can experience sorrow or joy, heart break or ecstasy; either lonely or fill our lives with loved ones. If that happens, we can choose to make different decisions, look at situation differently and feel somethings again.The circle of life- the merry go round of life- can decide our present and our future.

But the human emotions like trust, assurance, love and security are as fragile as glass-once broken, it nearly impossible to fix them again. The bars of thoughts and feelings might hold us, but at some point, in time we must stop relying on them. It is essential that recognize our needs.

At times we might end up regretting the choices we make, or we may even be satisfied with them. We should thank the bars of our lives for making believe in us and making us stand right back up after falling, to fight and to love the world yet again.

- Nidhi Gundecha

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