Midnight Spills

It's so achingly beautiful how nostalgia, a feeling so ardent and profound, is always found in the simplest of things around us. Listening to a song that you and your best friend used to jam to, re-reading your favourite book and falling in love with it all over again, going through your old class photographs from as long as five years ago when mini you was eagerly waiting to have a kickass glow up; sipping tea on a rainy day and being reminded of your first date, walking down the streets you spent your entire childhood in, and noticing every little thing that has changed, from the bazaars and the street vendors, to the graffiti on the walls.

And that's it. An otherwise insignificant moment is all that it takes for us to be swept away by a wave of bittersweet memories of all the people and places we once called home. However, in retrospect, it's not the people we miss, but the emotional rollercoaster we got to experience with them. The adrenaline rush, the jubilation, the trust, the peace, the comfort, the warmth, the agreements and disagreements, the anger, the tears, the diversion.

When things get too complicated to handle, nostalgia is my favourite emotion to fall back on. Although life has changed a great deal, I find some sort of comfort in knowing that some of my most precious memories are just a song, some photographs, and a cup of tea away. So now every time life tries to weigh me down, these are the very things that come to my rescue and gently transcend me to a time when things were simpler and a lot more tender, in the hope that I'll get to experience all of it again for the very first time.

Author: Yashika Sukhija

Editor: Alekhya Gahilot

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