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Once upon a time, all the zodiacs were sitting in a room.

Cancer:- Guys, I am tired of this

Virgo:- Ugh! Here they go again.

Scorpio:- Hits them on the head. Let them speak. What happened?

Cancer:- We all are so misunderstood, I am tired.

Gemini:- Tell me about it

Capricorn:- I swear to god

Sagittarius:- Let’s say our confessions!

Everyone agreed. And by law, Aries went first.

Aries:- I am not always mad. I hate being mad at my loved ones. It just gets to me sometimes. I just want to be loved and cared for.

Taurus:- I am not always laidback, even lazy, and extremely stubborn. Sometimes you guys trigger me to be that way.

Gemini:- I am not two-faced. I don’t always ignore people. I am the most hated for no reason.

Cancer:- I am not a cry baby. I hold more anger than Aries.

Leo:- I am not self-obsessed. Sometimes I act like I am. And you all die for a placement like me!

“Didn’t he just say that he isn’t self obsessed?” said Scorpio in the background.

Virgo:- I AM NOT really harsh and critical. I am just realistic and logical.

Libra:- I don’t hate you, I hate everyone. And me being nice isn’t me flirting. You will very well know when I flirt.

Scorpio:- I am not always the bad bit*h. Sometimes I just want to be cuddled.

Sagittarius:- I only speak the truth for your own sake. I know you don’t hate it.

Capricorn:- I don’t want to get comfortable with everyone. I have one person. I am happy, thank you.

Aquarius:- Let’s be real. You want me to ask what went wrong. Because no else does.

Pisces:- I am too good to be true. A Pisces will misunderstand a Pisces. I am more creative than any air sign.

Cancer:- It feels good to take some pressure off from your shoulders right?

Everyone agreed and went to sleep, because why not?

Authors: Avik Saini and Srishti

Editor: Achala Athreya

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