Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Author: Gayathri Nair

Passing through time and space,

I tell them to stop, I tell them to stay.

But these waves have been on their illustrious voyage for oh-so-long,

To soothe them, I promise to drop everything just to sing them a song.

“There’s so much left to do!”, they protest.

I don’t understand; but I wish them the very best.

What decides for these

Ferocious gentle beasts?

The moirai, the moirai,

Count on them to write you a new story.

Is there a reason you’re here with me?

Is there a reason that we’ve been seeing all this on a screen?

People marching the streets, those finally waking up to see,

And those who’ve been speaking in empathy rather fluently.

They rub their eyes, and look around.

coruscating colours drip to the ground.

Watching a god-like radiance emanating past their fingertips, honey dripping, cinnamon talking, both woven within their lips.

They look down, their entire body- replacing the streetlights.

We embrace this change, although it’s been some lonely nights.

Thesues left Ariadne on Naxos, so that she could meet her drunken love,

A new world came to life, right after ‘The Great Flood’.

Fate surrounds us, and not in the way you’d believe.

It’s not how everything’s exactly going to be,

but how the river of destiny is poured into by all our streams.

The new roaring 20s, a new revolution,

There’s a reason for everything, change is our salvation.

And so I sit by the beach, and watch the waves roar.

How far can we reach once we notice we’re a whole?

That’s what the moirai want,

For us to be less nonchalant.

These are the trials.

The trials of our race,

Promised karma comes to haunt our mistakes.

The trials for our race,

A chance to save our face.

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