Zwoooppp! Swichhh...whoaaa! Oh, ho o! I gotta turn to the right. Oh no! Steer to the left. No no no, I’m losing altitude. What! The speed is at Mach 3! Oh boy, I need to regain my control. Alright, here I go. Reduced speed, hydraulics released and the autopilot turned off… and there it was, the wonderful, enormous, gigantic, prodigious planet- Mars. 

     The view of Red, the smell of Red, the taste of Red, everything made of Red and then came the gargantuan dark, pitch black sky with silvery gem like stars within. I unbuckled my seatbelt, switched off the engine and with a deep suspire unlocked the spacecraft door. Oh Heavens! Could I find a better place to cherish? Those high hills and rocky sand reminded me of the Choco chips on the brownie ice cream. With a sigh, I lifted my not-so-heavy leg and placed it on Mars. It felt much lighter. For a moment I made up my mind to apply for Martian Citizenship (If there was one). Pssss chhhh, ssscchhh went the wind howling by my ears and crackk went the sound of my feet on that rocky land. 

   Step one…. Step two… Step… wait. Looks like I just heard something or maybe, someone. Who could that be? Are there aliens here? Was Helen Sharman right about his ‘alien existence theory’? Closed my fist nervously, straightened my back, built up my courage and turned around. There stood a 15-inch-long thing wearing some fancy costume made up of steel and aluminium. At first I thought it was a robot. (Okay, so for now let’s name this thing XYZ.) In a shivering voice and muffled tone, I asked XYZ, “Who are you?” In return I got no reply and no movement from XYZ. “I guess it's a statue. I don’t mind seeing a statute on Mars. I mean even my planet has numerous statues. I actually don’t mind.” I calmed myself with these soothing and reassuring words and was about to turn around and continue my journey when I heard a manly growling voice, “WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”

    “Wait, what! XYZ can talk? Well, not just talk, XYZ could speak English.” Whoa! I now get why English is a universal language. But let’s get back to the mysterious part. XYZ could speak, so it is definitely not a statue. Maybe it is not one of those American or Russian robots too. So, I concluded in my mind that the alien existence theory is for real. In a quavering voice I replied, “Ahh, my name is Suryakshi. I live on planet Earth.” Never thought I would have to introduce myself saying ‘I live on planet Earth.’ “May I know who you are?” Again, no reply. Looks like XYZ speaks on an instalment basis. I waited patiently in an intimidated state.

After five minutes passed on my watch brought from Earth, I saw some movement. XYZ raised his (maybe) three kilo hand (could be more) placed it near his back and tried to remove something. It looked like the wand from the Harry Potter book. “BHISHHHHBOOOO KIMMMYAA LOOO…,” uttered XYZ, rolling his wand. Before i could comprehend his language ‘Hilla de chaldi,Tuk tuk tu kardi, Make up tu kardi yaar, Angrezi padhdi, Git-pit tu kardi, Jimme queen saddi Victoria…. Tu ghanti big bang diiiiii, Pura London Thumakda’ went my 6am alarm. I only woke up to find that it was August the 1st - my English Language class 12th Board Exam!

Author ~ Suryakshi Surve

Editor ~ Abeer Tiwari

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