My flared up nostrils

Dear P,

Out of nowhere I swear. Out of nowhere my nostrils flared up.

The flesh in my nose pumped with Histamine rich blood due to an allergen unheard of, unseen by me. But I know it is there.

Nonetheless, my nostrils flared up and I let out a marvellous loud sneeze. To one it might sound funny but for me it is a perfect picture of agony.

My chest aching and throat burning and not a minute after, I sneezed again and then came another gigantic sneeze after which I let out a loud scream.

My nostrils flared up, nasal septum now burning. I want to stick my finger in to stop the hellish agony. But that my friend, is a futile attempt to conquer my flared up nostrils.

My flared up nostrils now leave me gasping for breath hoping for this to end and then before I realise it there’s an episode of seemingly never ending sneezing.

Finally when my nostrils clear up and I tell my cohabitants I’m reminded of how weak and crazy I am. My sinuses filled up, head pounding and eyeballs bustling. I can no longer remain calm. But they don’t understand the pain they never will so I must remain forever my pathetic self for when I try to rise above the allergic rhinitis they remind me of my vulnerability to the changing weather ironically, through all the 12 months of a year.

From V.

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