My Life as a Bollywood Movie

What if my life was a movie?

I would probably grow up as a spoiled brat in a rich household.

I would have the cool kind of parents who love their children and fulfil all their wishes.

Upon waking up in the morning, I would dance while getting ready to loud music, kyuki mein apni favourite hu.

I would dress up for college in sexy clothes which are meant for a club and top it off with a blazer, after all I want guys to fall head over heels for me, but I won’t be the cheerleader types as Haath mein Pom Pom leke ladko ke liye chillana, vo mera style nahi hai, vo mere liye chillayein, seeti bajayein, that's more my thing…

Then I would go meet up with my best friends Bunny and Avi, we three would be as tight as a knot and we would do everything together.

Also, did I forget to introduce my dog, Pluto? He’s different, call me crazy but sometimes I get the best life realizations when he is close to me.

I think even in this life I still would not have a boyfriend, cause meri jaisi ladkiyaan flirting ke liye nahi, Ishq ke liye bani hain.

Moving on, in my college we would have more drama and less studying but would still be told by teachers that Life is a race … If you don’t run fast… you will be like a broken andaa…

We would all look forward to weekends as it's party time. My friends and I would party hard and get drunk on the beat of Chhadi mujhe yaari teri aisi, Jaise daaru desi, Khatti meethi baatein hain nashe si, Jaise daru desi.

At this point, I will fast forward my life to the point where we go for a trip where everyone gets to pick a location to do something adventurous and surprise the others (sounds familiar?).

I pick my location to be the beach and ocean for cliff jumping as uff yeh gehraiyaan.

I would lead the perfect life with obvious drama (I choose to skip the negative scenes).

Oh, and I wish I would have at least one jaane tu…ya jaane na airport scene in this life.

I will end this movie here kyuki har kahani ki happy ending ho sakti hai ... agar sahi waqt par end kardo toh.

Author: Krisha Raut

Editor: Khushi Bansal

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