My partner in crime

To my partner in crime,

To the one who knows me better than I know myself

“Not all superheros wear capes.” It’s really tough for me to believe you when you say you aren't one because for me, you've always been my wonder woman.

I have had ups and downs,

Days I smiled and days I drowned;

Days as rough as stormy weather at sea

But I know you got my back

I know that you're there for me;

You and I are like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the sky. Before we collided into each other and caused the spark of friendship and sisterhood to ignite, I can't remember life.

You've always held weapons made of the strongest steel in your hands, you've always struck lightning on anybody that dared to touch me. And when you couldn't, you have made playlists that always made me feel better. You've always had the superpower of great intuition when it came to me; I have never had to say a word ‘cuz you have known when I was happy and when I was hurt.

You and I? We are closer than two pages in a book and I don't know how you do it but you make me feel better with just a look. Sometimes I just couldn't tell you what was wrong. Maybe because of the boy who acted like an ass and tossed my feelings away like stale meat. I remember you'd known from the tone of my voice and my wide open eyes that I'd spent all of that night crying, but you told me to hold on and that none of it really mattered once I had passed through the storm.

~Maybe my superhero blames herself for her self-proclaimed forgery, but I've never felt anything but proud for the way she believes in me~

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