Mystery of Love

“Okay this is gonna be weird. How am I even supposed to approach her? She’s my bestie. How do I even-” Zia groaned but she knew that she had to tell Kaira today, and that it was now or never. They met at their usual spot, however not at their usual time.

“Hey there” she nervously greeted

“Hey Zia, all okay? I don’t see Ayush” asked a puzzled Kaira

“Kaira, I need to talk to you” replied Zia in a serious tone

“Is it about your flannel that I stole? I’m sorry, but it was adorable” confessed Kaira “What? No it’s not about that. It’s related to Ayush. Do you like him?” asked Zia straightforwardly, she didn’t like beating around the bush


“You can tell me. Look I know he is my boyfriend but you are my best friend first. I don’t want any guy to come between us” interjected Zia.

“Z, it’s nothing like that” said Kaira as she tried to clear up the air, clearly caught off guard.

“No, you can tell me Kaira. I know you’ve been hanging out at his place often and I’m not some psycho girlfriend who’ll break into your house with a knife. You have been my best friend since nursery. I’ve read all those stupid love triangle stories. I don’t want us to be like that, we 3 are a trio. Gosh I sound overprotective and paranoid, I’m so sorry. I-” panic rushed Zia

“Idiot listen to me, I’m gay. I kinda am into Ayush’s sister ” interrupted a semi blushing- semi laughing Kaira

And that’s how Kaira came out to her best friend.

Author: Anubhi Srivastava

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